Purpose of The Beer Stash.

I love developing software. I also love beer. Before I had come up with the concept for this site, my friends and I were into collecting (read: hoarding) beers. While fun to collect beer, it became a problem remembering what we had and where it was. A night of enjoying some beers with a friend of mine lead to the idea of The Beer Stash - a site that helps you keep track of your beers.

When involved in any community, the beer community in this case, it isn't just about taking. As much as I love beer, I didn't have time to keep up with beers. I relied on my friends and the beer communities for that. I decided that The Beer Stash would be my contribution to the beer community.

How The Beer Stash can help you?

If you are the type of beer lover that keeps a lot of beer around but forget where your beer is being Stashed, then this site is for you.

The Beer Stash allows you to create different Stashes, one for every place you keep beers. The right side bar has some examples. Personally, I have three places my beers are kept - fridge, living room, and bedroom closet.

Once you've created your Stash, you can fill it up by searching and adding beers thanks to Untappd's database.

Moving a beer from one Stash to another? No problem! Once you are in the Beer Stash management page, you can easily transfer beers between Stasges or you can remove or add beers to your Stash.